Upcoming Events

December 15, 2012: Jump Start Your Freelance Writing Career

Whether you’re looking to make extra money during the holidays or want a career as a full-time writer, you can do it. Coach Jack draws on his years of experience as a freelancer to help you build your confidence and get started as a freelancer in this 90-minute introductory workshop, hosted by multiplicity pioneer and leadership transition coach Alicia Horn. Participants will get a FREE copy of Coach Jack’s new ebook, Jump Start Your Freelance Writing Career: How to Quickly, Painlessly and Energetically Begin Earning Money as a Freelancer, which contains 60 pages of information and exercises to help readers gain confidence, figure out their niche and begin earning money as a freelancer.

COST: $19.99. Click here to register.


Past Events

October 14, 2012: HRC Interfaith Forum for Love and Equality

A forum bringing together professional religious people and LGBT people of faith to show support for the LGBT community. During the first half of the program, religious professionals will be speaking, following which there will be a candlelight vigil, at which LGBT people including Jack will speak about their experiences.

COST: This event is FREE. You can get a memorial candle for a small donation. (See event page for details)

September 22, 2012: Enable Your Inner Entrepreneur: An Introduction to Carving Your Personal Career Path

Flyer for “Enable Your Inner Entrepreneur.”

During this 90-minute interactive online workshop, you will learn the basics of developing an entrepreneurial mindset, letting go of excuses and strengthening your self-acceptance so that you can begin to build your own business.

COST: $10. (Click here to register.)

June 20, 2012: Refuse to Be a Statistic – NC State University (Toastmasters) – Raleigh, NC
You won’t want to miss this short, encouraging talk on Jack’s personal struggle with coming out as transgender and his advice to young adults who are struggling with suicidal feelings. Free gift for all attendees.

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