Jack Ori is the kind of person that you need in your life if you’re looking for a compassionate, sensitive and empowering Coach. He exemplifies “walking the talk” everyday of his life! I have had the honor of personally interacting with Jack over the last several years and witnessed the amazing challenges he has overcome. He has truly experienced what it is like to be a victim of oppression and discrimination. Those experiences have shaped him into the leadership and activist role that he now stands in. His commitment to improve the quality of lives of others is unwavering and tireless. He doesn’t stop there. He relentlessly reaches out to those struggling economically and is an outstanding educator. Jack selflessly gives of himself in every way possible. I am grateful to have crossed paths with him and I must say that I am inspired continually by his dedication and drive to make a difference in this world and leave a lasting impact on those around him.

Annette Brent, Transformational Life Coach

Jack Ori has created the fulfilling work life he now shares with others through advocacy and professional speaking. As a fellow writer, I have witnessed Jack’s skill, enthusiasm and passion for helping people discover and reach their potential. Jack believes that we can each make a living doing what we are called to do, and he offers practical and proven steps for developing a personal game plan. His relaxed and engaging style encourages creative sharing. I highly recommend Jack’s seminars as a way to get started transforming your talents into earning a living on your own terms.
Rachel Seaborn, SEO writer

Working with Jack Ori has been a delight. The insight & expertise that he brings to every situation is not only mind boggling but its life changing! Jack combines his life’s work with compassion & professionalism to really make things work! He’s taken the steps in his own life to make changes & to live the lifestyle that he envisioned, so his words of wisdom are not just a bunch of fluff, but his teachings are based on real life experience! Working with Jack has not only changed my perception of folks with autism & within the trans community, but it changed my idea of what’s even possible for MYSELF! I am grateful for all of the work that we have done together thus far & I am thankful that I can call him a friend & a colleague.
Xina Sy, The Communications Chick

I have had the pleasure of hearing Jack speak on a number of different occasions.  He is truly an inspirational and motivational communicator who speaks from genuine, heartfelt experience.  His transformational life story, both literal and figurative, is a testament to the power of the individual will in overcoming any challenge or obstacle.  His fluidity of expression is proof of his skill as an author, and reinforces his talent as a speaker.  You won’t be disappointed!
Erwann Domalain, current President NCSU Toastmasters 

Jack has motivated me to keep my spirits up, take great care of myself and keep trying until I get it.
I highly recommend him as a teacher and motivational speaker.
Angel Thompson, client

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